Le Chapeau Millinery -  Carolyn Gibson Master Milliner
Cream Handmade Rose with Black Arrow Head Feathers.Beautiful Hats made exclusively for every   occasion.

*Race day * Weddings*


Le Chapeau Millinery is focused on providing high quality service and                  customer satisfaction, we will endeavor to do everything  to meet your  expectations.


Award winning Master milliner Carolyn Gibson custom-designs hats to complement your wardrobe, your appearance and your personality.

 Each custom made piece is carefully crafted to a high standard with special attention paid to the overall design and finish.



                                        MILLINERY WORKSHOPS

              Are a great place to get you started in the art of hat making.
              Design and make your own little feathers and froth number,
              or create a stunningly beautiful hat for that special occasion.

                                          For more information
                                          please contact Carolyn


                                    0212311581     AH8365572

                          Weekday classes available by appointment      

                  One 12 hour course can be booked for two 6 hour days.

                                       Registrar for classes.....2017

                                    Cost including materials $270.00

                                         We hope to see you again.




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